Alisa Lelekina
The artist's task is to separate the truth from pretense
It all starts with a sketch.
Paper, pencil 2016
Boiserie design. Sketches 2015
Paper, pencil.
Boiserie design. Wallpaper 2015
Paper, ink. 140x80cm
Design examination 2017 "Stairs&Bridges"
General planning drawing 2016 Saint-Petersburg
Graphic works of St. Petersburg
Student competition "World of Sports" 2015
The project of a sports complex in a megacity. Team work. 100x100cm
Layout of residential quarter 2017
Cottage settlement planning. Paper model 2015
Cottage settlement planning. Drawings 2015
Paper, ink, marker, tempera. 75x75cm
Design examination 2016. Light in Architecture. Egyptian theme.
Paper, ink, marker, tempera, watercolor. 75x75cm
Design examination 2017. Bridges
Paper, pastel, tempera. 75x75cm
Design examination 2016. Architecture Fantasy.
Paper, tempera, watercolor, pastel, sauce. 75x75cm
Tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio 2013
Paper, ink. 60x80cm
View from St.Isaac's Cathedral
Zeus drawing 2013
Paper, pencil. 45x60cm
Illustration for Restaurant fish menu 2016
Watercolor, paper.
Design examination 2012-2014
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The Gulf of Finland, summer residence
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